Winning Landscaping Resolutions!

We all know, and studies prove, we often fall short of achieving our New Year’s resolutions. Here are 5 easy and “fail-proof” resolutions that Watson Landscaping can help you reach quickly, allowing you to start off the year feeling accomplished.

A Fresh Look

Easy enough, right? Whether you are in need of replacing lack-luster shrubbery, creating a natural barrier or planting the right trees to add shade to your summer yard, we can assist you with selecting just the right elements that will work for you, and we will install them to your satisfaction. Properly placed greenery and/or revamped islands with pops of color can revitalize your landscape, adding curb appeal and value to your home.

Say “Yes” to Outdoor Living Spaces

It is no secret that outdoor living spaces are highly coveted by today’s homeowners. From modest to elaborate, we have the resources to make your dreams for your backyard a reality. Our clients love our professionally installed fireside retreats and patios, and you will too! They are especially appealing during fall and winter months but also add the perfect backdrop for summer barbecues and family gatherings.

Tackle the Eyesore

If asked, most people can identify at least one area of their landscape that needs attention, perhaps even in need of a complete makeover. Look outside, walk around your property and take notice when you drive into your driveway. Be honest with yourself… what makes you cringe just a little (or a lot) when you look around? Is it a drainage issue? Dead grass? Or could it be an eroding bank? Call us today to put that mess to rest. With your input, we can transform your landscape into something that will inspire you and your neighbors!

Just Add Water

Irrigation systems are critical for the truly beautiful lawn and landscape.  Picture-perfect and lush green lawns don’t happen by accident. It requires dedicated effort and work to have an enviable lawn, but the good news is that you do not have to spend hours watering. We install programmable and zoned sprinkler systems to do the watering work for you. Why wait? Mark this item off your list today!

Incorporate a Wall or Hardscaping

This segment is not intended to be politically charged, but it could be labeled, “Build the Wall.” What a controversial topic these days, right!?!
We intentionally kept that our of our headline, but landscaping walls are often a necessity and are most commonly used to hold back or retain soil that would otherwise fall or erode. Landscaping walls and hardscaping elements also help define space and elevations. As with any wall or hardscaping project, it is imperative that it be constructed and installed properly. We take pride in our work, and our clients rave about the results… regardless of their political opinions.

Take a look outside and envision your perfect landscape… then call us to do the work while you check off your New Year’s resolutions! It really is that easy!

Happy New Year from Watson Landscaping, Inc.! Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!

Watson Landscaping, Inc., established in 1998, is a full-service commercial and residential landscaping company. Watson Landscaping offers dependable service and professional results. Complimentary quotes. References available upon request. Serving North-Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. 678-725-6174.

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